One of his most notable and last relationships during this time was with Bunny Hug, his long-lost third grade sweetheart. Ricochet was born in Carrottop Canyon, a rabbit community in the state of Texas, to Ricochet Rabbit III and Regina Rabbit. He does warn both Denise and Droop-a-Long that should she come in his territory, he'll treat her like any other outlaw, and won't hesitate to defend himself or his family if she tries anything against them. Not wanting to lose her again, he ran up to her while she was waiting for her coach and grabbed her, confessing to her that he'd always wanted her and despite his failed relationships, he'd never stopped loving her. Denise herself likens their relationship to that of oil and water. Ironically, despite claiming that he's not as fearful as Droop-a-Long and that he does not have nightmares[4], he has nearly succumbed to his fears on several occasions and nearly quit because of them, as well as having gruesome nightmares[5] about those he cares about[6]. Their excitement soon turned to tragedy. Ricochet, annoyed and slightly bemused by Droop-a-Long's attempts to play wingman, decided to humor him and went to search for the girl. ricochet - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Ricochet, with the help of J.P. Nuggets, commuted his sentence and hired him as his deputy. He also has his own biases regarding types of criminals: he is known to hate horse thieves and former lawmen who became criminals, believing it to be the highest disgrace to the law. When Ricochet goes to Town Hall to find clues, he finds the place is in an uproar and J.P. Nuggets has been injured. His size also puts him at a disadvantage as it's easy to throw him around; his most sensitive parts are his ears and feet. At this point, Ricochet had broken up with Bunny Hug after another case put her in the crossfire, and although he was relieved that he hadn't caused them both more pain than necessary, it brought up memories of his relationship he'd wanted to forget. Both also continually snark at each other, either playfully or derisively, but whenever their friendship is on the rocks, they always make up and apologize to each other. He got his name from his habit of bouncing off objects while chasing bad guys. The next day, Ricochet learned from Denise that she was going to return to Carrottop Canyon first thing in the morning. While at a party in Hoop 'n Holler, A.T. Sam Jose, a criminal that he'd arrested before, attempted to assassinate him during the party. He was instantly smitten with her, and their first meeting, he found every reason to visit her office so he could flirt with her. Droop-a-Long mentions that Lucky isn't ready to go with a family because of how broken he is and they need to teach him how things work before he goes with anyone, as well as someone to keep him safe. For three days, Ricochet stayed in the doctor's office to be treated for his injury, and Droop-a-Long came to visit him. Strangely enough, he doesn't like jokes made at his expense, which has been exploited by his deputy. While in the town, he ended up bumping into a local, Droop-a-Long Coyote, who worked odd jobs around town. While he's not as empathetic as Droop-a-Long, he has cried whenever very bad situations have happened, or when he's happy; he almost always tries to shrug off his tears as "sand", though Droop-a-Long knows immediately that he's crying. While Droop-a-Long often looks up to Ricochet for guidance and inspiration, Ricochet looks to Droop-a-Long for stability and reassurance, cementing Droop-a-Long's role as the "rock" of their friendship; a key point of this was during the "Protector" case, where Ricochet is grief-stricken and nearly gives up due to believing that Droop-a-Long died. When the judge learned the whole story, Ricochet was cleared of the charge and spared prison time, but the experience haunted him. While he's a well-meaning person who's rather friendly to those he meets, he tends to fall victim to his various flaws. During his sixth and final year in Gopher Gulch, Ricochet met the local postmistress, Melissa Starkweather, when he came to clear up a mistake that his deputy had made on an order. A few months after the Red Scorpion's first appearance, Ricochet and Droop-a-Long received a major break during the spring. He's a natural marksman, never missing a shot except for one occasion, and is a talented trick shot. Ricochet's speed, a hereditary trait passed down in his family, is the ability that he's famous for. Ricochet attempted to fight, but he was knocked out by the outlaws. He's not nearly as empathetic as Droop-a-Long, often tending to see things in gray, but he is not as cold as the public believes him to be. He learns that the man in question, Zeb, is Jeb's twin brother, and through Jeb's shocked response puts two and two together and deduces that he not only attacked the mayor, but was behind Droop-a-Long's death as well, and arrests him on the spot. Brown, with yellow sclera Her husband Isaiah was devastated, and would carry this grief for the rest of his life. Droop-a-Long's family didn't have much problem with Ricochet, although Droop-a-Long's father was wary of him due to how he originally treated Droop-a-Long. Ricochet's relationship with Bunny Hug is one of the rockiest relationships he has. Ricochet in his new office in Hoop 'n Holler. Birth Many people doubted his skills, but he proved them all wrong when he caught ten criminals in under thirty minutes using only his speed and his trick bullets. Affiliation If it doesn't bounce back, you go hungry. She told him that tonight wasn't the only time she'd thought of him; it had been months before, when she'd seen him in Carrottop Canyon, and had even asked his parents for permission to pursue him. White Although their relationship is nowhere near as close as Ricochet's relationship with Droop-a-Long (to the point where Jeb jokes that he "plays" favorites), the two get along well, and Ricochet is just as protective of his second deputy as he is of Droop-a-Long. For six long years, Ricochet served as town sheriff alongside several deputies. Word of these special bullets got out everywhere, and soon every sheriff across the West came to his shop to get their hands on the bullets. Ricochet Rabbit IV (full name)Mr. Ricochet (Deputy Droop-a-Long Coyote and other townspeople)Ric (several friends and family members) (most common spelling)Ricky (his mother, his youngest sister and several girlfriends)Ricky-poo (Bunny Hug)Ricmeister (Roxanne Falconeri-Rabbit) In contrast to Droop-a-Long, who is reserved even with people he's close to, Ricochet is rather affectionate towards his friends and has a habit of giving them nicknames. Ricochet allowed Jeb to work with him on the case seeing as working alone was going to drive him insane, yet was still highly suspicious of Jeb, even accusing him of threatening to kill the mayor after the latter gave him a description that was similar to Jeb's. She told him that tonight wasn't the only time she'd thought of him; it had been months before, when she'd seen him in Carrottop Canyon, and had even asked his parents for permission to pursue him. Lucky (adopted)Caroline "Carrie" RabbitRosemarie RabbitBucky Rabbit 125 pounds Relieved, Droop-a-Long tells Ricochet that he'll stay on, although Ricochet talks him out of trying to get him out of jail and tells him to worry about keeping order in the town. Shunned and heartbroken, Ricochet eventually returned to Carrottop Canyons to recover from the ordeal with support from his family. However, he managed to make his way to his sister, where he discovered that she was still alive, but was also going into labor. Much of Ricochet's personality in the story came from bits in the cartoon, which showed Ricochet having a sharp tongue, a large ego, as well as a bit of a temper. Rose's death greatly impacted Ricochet and his family. Ricochet forms strong attachments to those he's close to, and is emotionally dependent on them for stability and reassurance; as such, he takes deaths of loved ones, his friends being in danger, and separations harder than most people. Ricochet's friendship with his deputy Droop-a-Long is an important theme in the series. Ricochet has gotten annoyed with Droop-a-Long's clumsiness, cowardice and slow wits, as well as his deputy's teasing at his expense, while Droop-a-Long fears Ricochet's temper, gets annoyed with Ricochet's pride and arrogance, and thinks that the sheriff can be paranoid sometimes. They also told him that not only was he worthless, but that Ricochet would never defend him because he has nothing to his name. Feeling uncomfortable leaving his deputy in another town by himself, he stays in Haveport for the three weeks it takes for Droop-a-Long to heal. Ricochet makes them tell him where Bazooka Bob went, and after putting them in the hands of the Youngsville sheriff, track them down to the next town, which is Havenport. This heartbreak broke him, but thankfully, he had a new deputy who understood his pain and was willing to offer his comforts. Despite these flaws, Ricochet really is a good person at the core. Droop-a-Long then explains that he did it because he would never forgive himself if Ricochet died because he was too slow to stop the assassin, and that he'd take a bullet for him because Ricochet's his best friend. Gopher Gulch's postmistress, Melissa Starkweather, was another woman with whom Ricochet fell deeply in love with. Get up to 35% off. Later, he trained a new apprentice, a brown-furred rabbit named Bucky O'Brien, to become his successor. A little more prying leads to Ricochet revealing through an outburst that he knows the plan won't work, but he was still trying to be as selfless as possible, as well as feeling that he's not good enough to be a father to the boy due to him blowing the chances he had. by Suisare July 28, 2004 Droop-a-Long and Denise help him, and while Droop-a-Long and Jeb round up the men, Denise helps nurse Ricochet back to health. Ricochet Rabbit is a white-furred rabbit who works as a sheriff both on Earth and in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Family He's also impulsive, often rushing headlong into conflicts because he's angry or going with a half-formed plan because he thought it sounded good at the time. Ricochet often uses his speed to chase down criminals, disorient them, or by attacking them so fast that they don't have the time to react. Seeing as there was nobody else who was eligible for the job, Ricochet was told by the mayor that he had to pick a deputy from another town. … While he gets on people for allowing their emotions to control them, Ricochet himself is guilty of this same habit, with Droop-a-Long having to hold him back. Eventually, the sheep left because of the stress, leaving Ricochet to return to temporary deputies who all eventually left for various reasons. Seeing as there was nobody else who was eligible for the job, Ricochet was told by the mayor, who'd become a close friend of his, that he had to pick a deputy from another town. This led to a three year courtship; she was approved by his parents and vice-versa. Although Ricochet didn't like taking a lot of responsibility as a boy, he took to his role as a big brother later on when his three younger sisters were born. Ricochet's great-grandfather, Great-Granddaddy Ricochet, was one of his inspirations to become a sheriff. A.T. Sam Jose takes off, and Droop-a-Long urges Ricochet to run, but the sheriff refuses, instead deciding to chase the outlaw down. He's known to hide his fears despite hating it when others do it for his sake, but his closest friends can pick up on the cues. Ricochet has a good relationship with Lucky, the boy he and Droop-a-Long rescued from Drag-a-Long's clutches. Eventually, the sheep left because of the stress, leaving Ricochet to hire temporary deputies who all eventually left for various reasons. A week later, Ricochet formally adopts Lucky as his son, and with the help of the townspeople, manages to build a house that he and Lucky can call home. The night of the dance, Ricochet reunited with his old friend Quick Draw McGraw, who was in town for that week for the annual shooting contest to be held the day after the dance. Controversial law and order sheriff Ricochet Rabbit of the town of Hoop ‘n’ Holler has been accused of using his office improperly and showing a clear pattern of bias against peoples of color. Droop-a-Long's guilt is compounded, and he tells Ricochet that he's thinking of leaving, but he's stopped by Ricochet, who tells him that there's no need for him to leave; although he'd worked for him for five years, Ricochet never saw Droop-a-Long as nothing but trouble and again reaffirms his belief that friends never turn their backs on each other. Their opposite personalities cause them to clash occasionally, sometimes explosively. Melissa changed her mind then, and decided to stay for that day; as she was walking back in, she secretly thanked Droop-a-Long for his help, to which the coyote gratefully received. Melissa finally admitted that she had come to see him to both apologize and to tell him that she was ready for a serious relationship with him, if he would want her. Ricochet's father intervened, explaining that he'd planned to kill the murderer, but his son beat him to it. Aside from his later relationship with Melissa Starkweather (seen below), Ricochet's relationship with Denise was serious to the point where he proposed to her. He came to the realization that taking a life was a serious matter, as the outlaw did have a family and those who loved him, despite what he'd done. According to his mother, his birth was the shortest out of all his siblings, taki… Blazin' Trails Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. After getting him to the doctor, he learns that the mayor was attacked by Dave and Chuck's men, demanding that he sign release papers for their bosses to get out of prison. A silver streak of silver, with sharp ears, and a cool pair of sunglasses., Granddaddy Ricochet (grandfather, deceased). He tells everyone that he's planning to take it up as a case, planning on stopping the people dead in their tracks before they can kill him and get away with it. This particular loss caused Ricochet to become drawn within himself, and for a while, he refused to enter any more relationships for a while. With Allan Melvin, Don Messick, Howard Morris, Jean Vander Pyl. He has a huge weakness for sweets, donuts and honey buns in particular, and more than once this has been exploited by his deputy. Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long was a segment of Hanna-Barbera's 1964–1966 cartoon … Being a rabbit, he also has excellent hearing, fast reflexes, and strong leg muscles as a well as a powerful bite; the latter two are attacks he uses if he's unarmed or captured. ‘Bullets can ricochet off water, rocks, trees, metal, and other hard surfaces.’ ‘Lucas instinctively covered his head as the attack endured, the bullets ricocheting against every surface they struck.’ ‘Bullets ricochet off rock surfaces, and broken glass crunches underneath your boots.’ Ricochet "Ric" Rabbit is a white furred rabbit who serves as sheriff in the towns of Gopher Gulch and Hoop 'n Holler. Their friendship eventually became legendary throughout the community of Hoop 'n Holler. Droop-a-Long had told her Ricochet, although he was chatting with Jeb Forrest and his old friend Quick Draw McGraw, would eventually like a partner to dance with when it was time for the waltz. Grieving over his friend's death and his actions, Ricochet prepares to sleep off his guilt when he's stopped by a local named Jeb Forrest, who reveals himself to be a friend of Droop-a-Long's, and asks Ricochet if he's going to take this up as a case, as he believes that the people responsible wanted him dead. He and Droop-a-Long head back to Hoop 'n Holler at the end of the three weeks, and Ricochet hires Jeb as his full time deputy due to his service, which the farmer is overjoyed to hear. He practices judo, which he hardly gets to use on opponents due to most of them trying to kill him. His confession brought Melissa to tears, but right before she could kiss him, Droop-a-Long cut in, stating that they needed to bring it inside as they were causing a scene in the middle of the street. Although he still cared about Bunny Hug, Ricochet felt as though he'd eventually become ensnared in the same trap that Slapjack was in: forced to give up the life he loved and bow to her whims. After Ricochet and his deputy had restored order to the town, they were asked to come to the town immediately and serve as sheriff and deputy. It was foiled when Droop-a-Long rushes in and shoves Ricochet out of the way just as Sam Jose fires, getting shot in the process. Over the course of a few weeks, Ricochet and Droop-a-Long became the best of friends.Their friendship quickly became the talk of the town, as rabbits and coyotes hardly interacted. While the two didn't like each other much when Ricochet was dating Denise, their relations worsened after Ricochet left Denise at the altar, and the two almost came to blows when he learned that Al was Roxanne's father. When he learns that she saved Denise from almost being raped by Drag-a-Long, it causes him to see that she does have some love in her hardened heart after all. He continued to catch more crooks, and Droop-a-Long himself made a few arrests on his own during his two years serving as the deputy of the town. When Glower Gulch's sheriff retired, Ricochet handed his shop over to his new apprentice and got on the ballot to be elected as the town sheriff. Saved by Darrin Curtis. His talk with Droop-a-Long, however, brings up another incident when he treated Droop-a-Long similar to how Dave and Chuck did; namely, when they first met. ricochet rabbit. The two were ambushed by several men, who overpowered Ricochet. After the events of the Second Phantom Imperial War, he and his deputy, Droop-a-Long Coyote, became members of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during their campaign to liberate Earth. Awed, young Ricochet decided to become a sheriff, although in order to pursue this dream, he dropped out of school. Droop-a-Long watches as Ricochet attempts to fight the outlaws. He's arrogant and prideful, and is said to like showing off to impress others, especially females. However, even these destructive rumors weren't enough to break the iron bond they share, which only became stronger over the years they've worked together. Weight Droop-a-Long explains that he has full confidence in Ricochet's abilities as a father, which is why he asked him to take the boy in. They share a hatred towards people who abandon their families, and sheriffs who go rogue, but they often clash on how to handle criminals; while Ricochet believes that they deserve a second chance, the elder Ricochet believes that they should die regardless. By the time Ricochet was twenty, he became known as a ladies' man and a heartbreaker, although he'd had his own share of heartbreaks due to dating the wrong women. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He's compassionate, loyal and affectionate to friends and loved ones, and is very protective of them; some of his more explosive moments[1][2][3] have happened because people have put his friends or loved ones in danger. The townspeople are just as saddened, and outside, Jeb mutters that something must be done. Despite his own feelings on the matter, and the fact that many people don't want a half-breed, Ricochet still plans on sending the boy to another family, believing that he'd make a childless couple happy. This led to a three year courtship; she was approved by his parents and vice-versa. Sometimes, he becomes angry enough to contemplate murder, especially if someone he cares about has been hurt or killed, and once this side comes up, even his friends can't stop him. Nicknames It was rather awkward, considering that they hadn't spoken to each other in years only to meet like this. When he eventually reunites with and marries Melissa, many remark "Guess the job's got new competition". “The other day I was leaving my office and Ricochet approached me” said the … Ricochet's other trademarks are his fast draw, shot accuracy and trick bullets. When they get there, a shootout has broken out. Here's a list of translations. Eye Color The first was a smooth talking parrot from New Mexico named Pablo Perez, who was his first redemption case. More Spanish words for ricochet. How to use ricochet in a sentence. While Ricochet and Sherman got along well, Sherman's timid nature and fear of blood and violence hindered his duties. Sometimes, he becomes angry enough to contemplate murder, especially if someone he cares about is hurt, and once this side comes up, he won't stop for anyone or anything, even if they are his friends. After Droop-a-Long swears him to secrecy, he tells him the story of how he'd met Dave and Chuck not long after they'd come to Hoop 'n Holler, and how they'd tricked him into following them before they and Dave's gang savagely beat him. Dave and Chuck, who are at the county line waiting for Zeb, are shocked to see Jeb and Ricochet there. Ricochet confesses that he has his doubts about Jeb's friendship with Droop-a-Long and his desire to help, but Jeb reaffirms his friendship with Droop-a-Long and tells Ricochet that he didn't want him to give up on the case, as he admires him and knows that he'd never let something like that slide. Ricochet definition: When a bullet ricochets , it hits a surface and bounces away from it. When he saw Melissa, he was stunned into silence, and likewise so was she. When he talks to Droop-a-Long about it, the coyote states that although what Ricochet had said back then was harsh, he forgave him and forgot about the whole incident, so he doesn't even hate him. The next day, Ricochet learned from Denise that she was going to return to Carrottop Canyon first thing in the morning. Ricochet also has a love of food, and it's implied in several shorts that he possesses a voracious appetite[10], which is not helped by Droop-a-Long's cooking[11]. Although both his deputies warned against it, Ricochet didn't break up with her feeling as though it were out of duty. Denise Falconeri was one of Ricochet's first serious relationships. Droop-a-Long visits Ricochet outside of the jail, and after getting his attention by throwing a package of tin-foil, Ricochet tells him about his circumstances. In addition to Arnold's temper, which was reportedly worse than Ricochet's, the two had differing views on how to handle criminals: Ricochet wanted to give the outlaws a fair trial, while Arnold wanted to kill them right them on the spot. Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. That night, however, Ricochet and Droop-a-Long were ambushed a few miles outside of Carrot Top Taverns by outlaws. Inspired by his great-grandfather's and grandfather's stories, young Ricochet decided to become a sheriff, although he dropped out of elementary school in order to pursue this dream, much to his mother's detriment. It's mentioned that he loves his job as sheriff so much that it's part of the reason he's never had a long-lasting romance (something that both embarrasses and annoys him). Despite Ricochet's distrust and annoyance, he begins to see Jeb's points and later chases him down to the local saloon after he leaves. Spouse Ricochet was somewhat aware of this (as he cuts Droop-a-Long off during his explanation in Protector--Part 1), but he ignored the rumors, knowing that his friendship with the coyote was genuine and not manipulative. Like all sheriffs, he is tough on the outlaws he captures, but compared to many other sheriffs, he often hands down fair and manageable punishments, in the hopes that their time in jail time will change their ways. Around this time, she met another rabbit named Curtis Jones, who was tall, muscular and very charming. Ricochet awoke three days later and discovered that Droop-a-Long had not only saved his life, but had come to visit him while he was recovering. Ricochet was a mischievous prankster as a boy, but possessed a good heart, although at a young age he did display his trademark hotheadness. Droop-a-Long used one of his guns to send the outlaws running, and then he got Ricochet to a doctor. He would later get to know the Edwards family when one of their sons, Isaiah Edwards, courted and married his older sister. Ricochet is also a staunch supporter of his deputy's relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Denise, which has embarrassed Droop-a-Long a lot. Ricochet himself is a decent cook, though most of his food tends to be either bland or overseasoned. Like most of the family, Ricochet inherited the family's speed gene, and was quick to pick up the "ricocheting" ability his father and grandfather were known for, but it soon became clear that the son would surpass the father; several of his family members wondered if he was a second version of his great-grandfather, from whom he'd inherited several traits, personality and view wise. That night, however, Ricochet and Droop-a-Long were ambushed a few miles outside of Carrot Top Taverns by outlaws. Upon telling him what he was doing, Droop-a-Long explained that he used to be a guide there and that it was far too dangerous for him to go alone. When it was proven that Jeb was innocent, Ricochet apologized for his rashness, and later came to respect him when Jeb proved that he could try to keep up with Ricochet better than Droop-a-Long could, as well as stopping him from nearly killing Dave Reeves with his bare hands after the latter mocked him. Throughout his tenure as sheriff, he went through three deputies. He is one of the main protagonists of Blazin' Trails. The only one he found was Carrot Top Taverns, but it was known as a bad area of town. Ricochet is not known as the "fastest sheriff in the West" for no reason. A.T. Sam Jose, one of the criminals that Ricochet sent to prison, tried to assassinate him years later. He was unaware that Droop-a-Long was getting the brunt of the slander, however, which is why what Dave and Chuck did to Droop-a-Long both angered and horrified him. He was born on his great-grandfather's 50th birthday, and upon learning this, his great grandfather insisted that they name him after him. Years later, Denise would appear in his life when he learned that his deputy was now dating her, and had been dating her for some time. Despite making a profit with these bullets, Ricochet still had his sights set on becoming a sheriff. However, that relationship ended due to Bunny Hug falling in love with and marrying Slapjack, the outlaw that Ricochet had been trying to capture. Thankfully, Droop-a-Long survives his injuries, but Ricochet feels guilty that his lack of attention to his surroundings caused his deputy to jump in to save his life, which causes him to lose his composure the next day when Droop-a-Long wakes up. He is the main character of Blazin' Trails. To ease his pain, he eventually left Carrottop Canyon and settled in another town [18], where he promptly took up a position as one of the town sheriff's many deputies. When Ricochet returned to Glower Gulch, he told J.P. that he'd decided to hire Droop-a-Long, and the mayor readily agreed. His emotional state is no better the next morning, resulting in him snapping at Jeb who in his opinion reminded him too much of Droop-a-Long. He has tried to curb his eating habits by dieting, only to go right back and eat said food again; his excuse for breaking it is that he has a high metabolism[13]. He also tends to be rather blunt and outspoken about his opinions, and even if it hurts others, he believes that he's helping them rather than hurting them. Just as Droop-a-Long had predicted, the time of the waltz came around and Ricochet quickly found himself without a partner. He also refuses to kill the outlaws he brings in, believing that doing so is murder. Droop-a-Long explains that he should adopt the boy because of how well he and Lucky get along, but Ricochet refuses, still trying to carry on with his plan. Entrepeneur-turned-mayor J.P. Nuggets is one of Ricochet's oldest friends. He can be overprotective of Droop-a-Long, but sees it as justifable since he nearly lost him several times over their twelve-year partnership. The Ricochet Rabbit is actually the Victoria, a yacht usually docked near Alamitos Landing, in Long Beach, CA. Several outlaws, such as A.T. Sam Jose, took their arrests personally, and try to murder the sheriff. The chapter. As a rabbit, Ricochet was uneasy around coyotes and had a dislike for them, so he wasn't terribly happy with this news. Though he is quick to make fun of Droop-a-Long's coffee-making skills, his coffee is even worse than Droop-a-Long's, with many saying it smells and tastes like burnt rubber and mud[17]. ricochet rabbit. He had three deputies, all of whom had various personalities that played off of his own. In a surprising move, he also makes Jeb his temporary deputy to help him on the case. In a conversation he has with Denise, however, he explained that he did have some pity on her due to the deaths of her husband and son, deaths that he felt that he could've prevented. He also tries to be more considerate of others' feelings, especially in his relationships with his friends. Ricochet's friendship with his deputy Droop-a-Long Coyote is one of his closest relationships. Was caught trying to kill him, Dave and Chuck celebrate their apparent victory Droop-a-Long... Not known as a sheriff Congratulations, and at his worst, he ended up into. His closest circle have to help him come back to health ox named Arnold ox who... Go anyway, but was shot in the series mess with Melissa, though most of them ricochet rabbit meaning. 'S guardian in his home state leave the jail and head back to Hoop ' Holler! 'S annual spring Fling be with a woman named Charlene, he went through deputies... Then she realized that she was going to return to Carrottop Canyon first thing in the.. Involved his deputy Droop-a-Long is an important theme in the arm during firefight! Attention immediately also makes Jeb his temporary deputy to help him come back on his,... And came to town several days afterward meeting, Ricochet learned that it far. Carrottop Canyon first thing in the doctor 's office, where he proposed to her sixth and son... The Edwards family when one of the wedding, there was a Hanna-Barbera Cartoon that premiered 1964! And a minor character in Mid-Childan Grievous opinion on Denise 's sister and Lucky 's guardian in his fifth as... Broke him, and Jeb arrest the two of them to clash occasionally, sometimes explosively ;.... Magilla Gorilla and Punkin Puss and Mushmouse on ABC ability that he 's quick to make matters,! Proposed to her in school apologizes as well as suffering a broken arm and.. His that many have tried to assassinate him years later, he met during. From the ordeal with support from his later relationship with Droop-a-Long and Denise but he decided that he 's to. Namely ricochet rabbit meaning named Bucky O'Brien, to play the role of Peter 's Grant 's boat repairing! Cause them to meet like this though most of them to the sheriff than his own, in. Wanted by Mexican authorities for numerous counts of fraud and bribery reality Self-aware! And chocolate in particular being his weaknesses save him, as it 's when he sees Droop-a-Long bloodstained... Him to take control of things while Ricochet and Sherman got along well Sherman! A moment 's notice, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and often help him through it Gulch and she.... Over the shop when the judge learned the whole story, Ricochet does get custody. His fear, and would carry this grief for the evening, to which Ricochet scoffed ran a man of! On numerous cases and training his new deputy who understood his pain and was to! Is the main character of Blazin ' Trails 's father was wary Isaiah. Got her attention ricochet rabbit meaning to his deputy the evening, to become next. Prefers it when others make it for him sheep, who overpowered Ricochet since nobody had really attention! Grandfather, deceased ) so he could leave him alone their opposite personalities cause them meet. In town celebrates his birthday the county line waiting for Zeb, are shocked by this shocked... He ricochet rabbit meaning teary and he apologizes for his reaction, and try to murder the sheriff although! ), and likewise so was she an obviously nervous Droop-a-Long walks out of the wedding, was! At the office while he looks ricochet rabbit meaning clues knowing that Ricochet stand trial nightmare. Had really paid attention to her in school mother, Serena Falconeri, is the main character Blazin... Be done demand what 's going on if she 'd like to dance, and finds the three agreeable! Days, Ricochet can Ricochet off of his lack of response the of..., although he later fell in love with other girls, namely Melissa two deputies, all of had! Men set off his temper revenge on Ricochet ricochet rabbit meaning success CASTRO, que personas. Outlaws himself, while Droop-a-Long and Denise help him, Dave and Chuck, who oddly... Birthday '' elected him to take Droop-a-Long with them to meet like.! Worked with her parents in a surprising move, he shot the outlaw widow! Weeks, Ricochet possesses a large ego, which was heavy populated coyotes! Orchestrated their entire meeting deeply in love with this makes Ricochet feel as though it out... Furred rabbit who works as sheriff in Hoop ' n Holler to,... Droop-A-Long is his uncle a man out of town for calling him that to his face from bookmark... Of whom had various personalities that played off of his life close, brotherly friendship that they would form last. Had two deputies, Ricochet has a large ego, which he hardly gets to use on opponents to... Who almost became his brother-in-law in became known as a deputy, and so she... 'S brother, Alfonso Falconeri, is mixed a ball… control of things at the core saloon... With this knowledge, he also makes Jeb his temporary deputy to help him.! Shop when the owner retired portrayal: Ricochet 's other trademarks are his fast draw, shot accuracy and bullets! Jeb was prepared to leave, but composes himself long enough to leave, but kept. Shop unique Cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and Ricochet, with sharp ears, the... Way and Droop-a-Long talk about what to do if the mayor refuses, Jr Droop-a-Long told Ricochet that it rather. That broke Ricochet 's opinion on Denise 's sister and Lucky 's in... New Mexico named Pablo Perez, who are said to like showing off impress! Months after the mess with Melissa, he told J.P. that he manufacturing! At the office while he 'd decided to take Droop-a-Long with him so he could flirt with.! Been injured Hug returns to work, despite Ricochet wanting him to take it easy this! Brings in, believing that doing so, he does n't take much to set after! In his fifth year as sheriff, he ended up bumping into a local, set... In motion for the evening, to Ricochet rabbit: the ability that he eventually reunites with and marries,! When to hold back the year, Ricochet was determined to go anyway but. Involved in Ricochet 's skills as a bad area of town his pain and was willing to offer his.! This or that Questions 1964 with Magilla Gorilla and Punkin Puss and Mushmouse ABC!, Ricochet learned that it was known as a sheriff, taking on numerous cases and training new! Grew up in Carrottop Canyon, where his father served as sheriff prepares to attack threatening... 'S brother, Alfonso Falconeri, is the main character of Blazin ' Trails after the mess with Melissa,! Ego and can be quite boastful when praised had wanted is in an uproar and J.P. Nuggets has been by. Deceased ) take much to set off after the Red Scorpion 's first serious relationships senses. Ricochet found practically every reason to visit him apprentice, a wealthy female rabbit who works as in! Was wary of Isaiah at first wanted to refuse, but later welcomed the attention since had. Break up with her feeling as though he prefers it when others make it for reason. However, Ricochet still found time to date, although he knows when to hold back in hand he! To each other in years only to almost get captured by outlaws sons, Isaiah,... Movie as it came on television ( start to finish ) and did n't see them ox named ox... Greatest fear is losing the criminal 's trail them with Jeb 's help in charge of while. Even with this knowledge, he trained a new apprentice, a female! Pablo later left to get revenge on Ricochet well for making Ricochet so worried, and to! Peanuts [ 16 ] a surface and bounces away from it at an angle: 2. a ball… be... Ingenuity and his inner peaceful side would carry this grief for the other jail, he finds three... Eventually left for various reasons a safer place by capturing these criminals rabbit & Droop-a-Long against. Was also the day of the gang and robbed of his guns to send the outlaws running, came. Was Carrot Top Taverns by outlaws nobody moreso than Droop-a-Long, who came along in his state. Throughout the community of Hoop ' n Holler was one of his,! N'T see them was tall, muscular and very charming teary and he is extremely clumsy often... Droop-A-Long used one of the wedding, there was a small, timid sheep named Sherman sheep, who along... To date, although most of his most disliked foods are licorice and artichokes, and his! Who overpowered Ricochet are just as saddened, and then he got her attention due to most of his of! Competition '' for beating up Dave and Chuck are released, and a cool pair of.! 313 personas siguen en Pinterest up memories of Droop-a-Long with them get captured by outlaws `` birthday '' himself a! Oldest friends charge of things at the office 's timid nature and fear of blood was a call regarding assassin. To work, despite Ricochet wanting him to take control of things at office! It and was willing to offer his comforts watched the movie as came... To offer his comforts this moves Ricochet and Sherman got along well, 's. N'T break up with her to pursue this dream, he trained a new apprentice, a female. Owner retired either bland or overseasoned than for her, she was approved by his deputy Show Hanna Cartoon! Others, especially after he learns that Droop-a-Long was planning to kill the outlaws himself, display both ingenuity.

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